{An Evening in the Country} A Few More Details


There were a few more details that I wanted to share with you.  We were challenged with a tiny budget, so we kept things simple and came up with some fun.

We used bright yellow paper as table runners paired and crisp white daisies.  I love mason jars.  They are so versatile.  We photo copied year book pages and cut them into strips 2 pictures high.  We wrapped the mason jars with the photos, tied them with raffia and added white daisies.  Simple, fun, personal and inexpensive.

Another simple idea we used was an old ladder that had been well used.  We purchased some $1 votive holders and added flameless candles.  What a fun, easy way to add light for an evening gathering.   Also, less than $10!  Love that!

We set up a simple table with some signs and frames we had on hand combined with a white beverage tub and for no cost, we had a beverage table for white wine.  Cost = Free!

Of course, there had to be some memorabilia.  There were a few tables for fun memories to get everyone chatting.  Plus, this school had taken a great photo of the class in the shape of a 9 and 2.  We took these photos to the local office store and had the prints blown up for a few dollars.  To finish the over-sized copies a simple bulletin board boarder in bright yellow made it a finished look.  Another great details for around $10.

I hope you enjoyed these easy, inexpensive ways to personalize a party.  These were for a reunion, but could be used for so many different parties!


beverage station