{Spa Party} Double the Fun


Question:  Are these facials gross or awesome?  Good question…I could go either way.
The girls were so excited about the facials with cucumbers, but when we actually started I think they were a little surprised by the gross factor.  :-)  It was awesome.  So, there  you have it gross AND awesome.

Every girl loves a good spa party.  The best part of this theme is that it works for many different ages…kiddos to adults.  This year we were celebrating my daughters 7th birthday and she wanted to share the big day with one of her BFFs who happens to have a birthday a few days after hers and live right across the street.  Here are the lovely birthday girls!  We had such a fun day of girlie fun!!


We kept the food simple. Finger sandwiches, fruit skewers, carrot chips and fresh cucumber water! It was the prefect amount of food for a kid party and was very simple to put together. As someone who frequently goes overboard for food, it was a nice change of pace.

What fun did we have on the menu?  Facials & flip flop decorating.  Then we made sugar body scrub, glitter lotion and lip gloss.  It was a jam packed 2 hours.  Stay tuned for details!



Happy Birthday girls!